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One of the most common forms of knee injury in dogs is injury of the cranial cruciate ligament, or CCL. Similar to the ACL in humans, the CCL acts as a stabilizer in a dog's knee, stopping the tibia from sliding forward and preventing excessive rotation or hyperextension of the knee, or stifle joint. This ligament can be injured in an accident, or it can experience gradual deterioration as the dog ages. Although surgery is not always necessary to treat a CCL injury, it is the best form of treatment for many dogs.

There are a variety of surgical options that Kenwood Pet Clinic's Doctors can use to treat cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injuries in dogs. Our practice performs three distinct forms of dog knee surgery. Please follow the links to get more in-depth information on each of the different procedures. Our staff would be happy to discuss the different options with you and help you determine the best option for your dog, as we want to ensure the best possible outcome for each pet.

External Capsular Repair is the most traditional and still one of the most common forms of surgical intervention for CCL injuries in dogs. It involves using sutures that pass around the knee, stabilizing it and creating scar tissue which will eventually do the job of the CCL.

The newest procedure available, Tightrope CCL, is similar to external capsular repair, but uses a different type of material which is passed through holes drilled in the leg bones, for maximum stability, replacing the CCL.

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