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January 16, 2016

Indoor Cold Weather Fun With Your Dog!

When temperatures drop below zero, chances are you won't be going on long walks with your dog like you would in the summer. To help keep you and your dog happy and healthy this winter, here are a few indoor activities you both can try:

  • Learn new tricks (or bring back some old ones). Cold weather is the perfect time to work on an old trick that your dog didn't quite master, or introduce a new trick you didn't have time to teach in summer.

  • Treasure hunt. Hide treats in dog-safe places around the house and enjoy watching your pup find them all! Make a note of where you placed the treats in case your furry friend needs a little help.

  • Chasing bubbles. You can find pet friendly bubbles at most pet stores and perhaps your pet will enjoy chasing around and trying to catch a few!

  • Take your dog to an indoor agility or play group. The Twin Cities area has several indoor dog play areas, and some with agility classes. Help your friend burn off extra energy by running around and meeting new friends.
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