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Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Mac April 2017
Name: Mac (5 months)
Likes: Sticks, the dog park, and squeaky toys.
Dislikes: Slippery floors, when the ball rolls under the couch, and when I have to go to my kennel.
When I grow up I want to: Everyone's favorite dog!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Teddy March 2017
Name: Teddy Sawyer (4 months)
Likes: I love to sleep (especially on Alyssa's lap), and attacking feet and your hair unexpectedly when you bend over to pick something up! I also love playing with my toys!
Dislikes: I really dislike getting squirted by the water bottle. I don't like that Im not allowed to drink water out of the fish bowl! And I am not too fond of the vacuum cleaner.
When I grow up I want to: When I grow up I either want to be a hairstylist as I LOVE hair or I want to be an official bed tester (I am so good at finding comfort and sleeping).
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Happiness! February 2017
Name: Happiness! (5 months)
Likes: 1) Annoying My Older Bro "Little Luigi" 2) Bananas!!! 3) Bringing Twigs, Branches, Leaves, Mud Pies & All Of Nature INTO The House.
Dislikes: 1) ???...What's Not To Like...I LOVE IT ALL!!! I believe in the LOA & The Power Of Positivity...Everything IS Oh! So! F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!!!
When I grow up I want to: Oh! Pppllleeeaaassseee, I'm Not Interested In Growing UP...I'll Always Be HAPPY! And Young At Heart!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Hermes January 2017
Name: Hermes (3 months)
Likes: Eating sardines, snuggling with my family, and playing with cat toys - especially mice.
Dislikes: Being taunted by the fat squirrels I see out the window, rolling off of the bed, and not getting enough attention.
When I grow up I want to: Aspire to be as cool as Tacy, my older sister cat.
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Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Mac

Name: Mac
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