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Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Ginger December 2011
Name: Ginger (6 months)
Likes: Decorating bathroom and bedroom floor with toilet paper. Selecting and dragging Mom's outfit for the day off shelves and hangers. Chewing on the heel of Dad's right slipper.
Dislikes: Disappointed voice (during training to go outside). Lack of playmate. Boogie dogs.
When I grow up I want to be: Movie star
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Penelope November 2011
Name: Penelope (5 months)
Likes: Pouncing on everything, walking all over humans that are sitting or lying down, and wrestling with my big brother Nermal.
Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movement, and strangers.
When I grow up I want to be: A ninja, because I'm camouflaged in the shadows and really good at sneaking up on people and attacking them.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Max October 2011
Name: Max (4 months)
Likes: Food (I am gaining 5-6 lbs a week, so I'm a hungry guy), playing with my buddy Earl the Rottweiler, and any toy that goes "squeak".
Dislikes: When my humans go out and don't take me with them, baths, and being told to stop picking the tomatoes out of the garden.
When I grow up I want to be: A professional wrestler, so I can get paid to do what I love.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Ampersand September 2011
Name: Ampersand (5 months)
Likes: Purring, licking & sleeping.
Dislikes: The scary vacuum cleaner, orange medicine & not being in the spotlight.
When I grow up: I want to be a big lioness.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Honey Bear August 2011
Name: Honey Bear
Likes: Playing with squeaky toys, running fast in the yard chasing bunnies, and napping on the cool bathroom floor, on a hot summer day.
Dislikes: Taking a bath, feet washing is OK, but full body = NO!
When I grow up: I want to be a loving friend to my family, actually I am so cute maybe a movie star, so get your popcorn ready and watch for me in movie theaters, I could be the next Benji.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Bubbles, Squeak and Georgie July 2011
Name: Bubbles, Squeak and Georgie (5 months)
Likes: Bubbles - Giving lots of attitude like my owners (they think I am French). Squeak - Just trying to be nice and help with dinner (I mean eat dinner). Georgie - Hissing!
Dislikes: WE ALL AGREE - When dinner is over!
When I grow up: We want to be members of an all girl bowling team but with scheduled naps.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Kevin Raymond Albert Nelson June 2011
Name: Kevin Raymond Albert Nelson (3 months)
Likes: Playing with cats cat style, climbing on big dogs with big tails and playing fetch.
Dislikes: None really! I'm pretty sure that soon I will like going for walks, sailing with a life jacket on and doing my business outside!
When I grow up: I will be able to play like a cat and hunt like a lab...Oh! And maybe take my Mom for a walk.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Opal May 2011
Name: Opal (4½ months)
Likes: I love to fetch little paper balls, stage unlimited attacks on the tails of other kitties, and be held like a baby and carried around the house.
Dislikes: I get annoyed when my mom tries to brush me or clip my claws. I wish I could jump higher like the big kitties. I wish I could play all the time, but sometimes I just can't stay awake!
When I grow up: I want to star in my own reality tv show where I'll be the boss of all cats and humans.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Clover April 2011
Name: Clover (3 months)
Likes: Red Barn Bones, running in the yard, playing with my friends at Augusta Dog training.
Dislikes: Taking a bath hmmmm...
When I grow up: I want to be a 90 lbs fun loving dog that can pull a sled around the lake!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Lillian and Maxine March 2011
Name: Lillian (3 months)
Likes: looking feminine, playing soccer, studying situations before acting.
Dislikes: change, sudden noise, and being cold.
When I grow up: I'm already grown up and am special.

Name: Maxine (3 months)
Likes: top shelf of the new cat condo, looking into things, being faster than my sister.
Dislikes: closing doors, lights out, and my sister having fun without me.
When I grow up: I want to be a great friend.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Tag February 2011
Name: Tag (7 months)
Likes: 1) Watching Ellen DeGeneres with Mom at work 2) Snuggling with Mom, Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie Erin 3) Playing with Star, Stella, Emma and Rylee and running with Mom
Dislikes: 1) When I scare myself in the mirror 2) When Mom doesn't let me sleep on the bed 3) When Mom takes so many pictures of me! Posing is hard work
When I grow up: I want to be a Triathlete. I love running with Mom and I know this summer I am going to enjoy my first swim but I think I am going to make the third event sleeping. I am a really good sleeper!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Suu Kyi and Zenyatta January 2011
Names: Suu Kyi (buster brown - 6 months) and Zenyatta (betty black - 4 months)
Likes: playing with cousins bill and christie, playing hockey, snoozing in the sun.
Dislikes: when SHE forgets to crank up the steam heat in our room. X3
When I grow up: we want to be on broadway in nyc after we return from Burma learning how to jump through hoops at a monastery on lake Inle.
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