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Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Oliver December 2016
Name: Oliver (14 weeks)
Likes: Hanging out with my family, esp. when they get on the floor and I can climb into their laps; going for walks around the neighborhood - there's so much to see (and those squirrels are driving me crazy!); and eating - hey, I'm a Springer, you know "guts with legs."
Dislikes: When everyone leaves the room; when my big brother Riley won't play with me; and when my mom takes the (insert anything inappropriate here) out of my mouth to keep me from chewing/swallowing/destroying it.
When I grow up I want to: I would like to be a model citizen, kind and generous with my affections, and a constant source of amusement and love to my family.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Monty and Loki November 2016
Name: Monty (3 months) & Loki (5 months)
Likes: Monty: Food, sky-diving off the couch onto Loki, and under-chin tickles. Loki: Food, laps, and did I already mention laps?
Dislikes: Monty: The doorbell, mis-calculating a turn at full gallop, and when humans won't let me bite their nose. Loki: When my folks hog more than 1/15 of the bed at night, when someone stops petting me to check their stupid email, and when someone even thinks about touching my stuffed mouse.
When we grow up we want to: Monty: I wanna be just like Loki. Loki: Grow up? Yeah, I don't think so.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Moxie October 2016
Name: Moxie (3 months)
Likes: Chewing - on my squeaky toys (especially the long green snake), puppy bones, toes, get the idea :) , chasing (and sometimes fetching) the ball or disc, getting treats or my puppy food.
Dislikes: Coming inside after playing outdoors, having to act like a grown up and not being able to jump up on everyone I meet, saying goodbye to my human sisters after a visit since they live in Colorado.
When I grow up I want to: Be a magician - I'm already a pretty good escape artist, and can make lots of things disappear. I just need to perfect a few more tricks, like catching that bunny that jumped out of the hat, and is running around our back yard! Plus, the more tricks, the more treats!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Ragnar & Syndin September 2016
Name: Ragnar & Syndin (5 months)
Likes: Chasing moving objects, jumping up as high as possible, play fighting, loud purring, chewing on toes, and our toy owl.
Dislikes: Loud noises, their cousins big dog, fuzzy Mike and Ike slippers.
When we grow up we want to: Be Garfield and Nermal!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Luna August 2016
Name: Luna (7 months)
Likes: My favorite activity is to chase my own tail, when my family blows noises in an empty paper towel roll, and my most favorite is when my human sister chases me around the yard.
Dislikes: I don't like being alone, bath time (I hide under the couch), and I get very shy around big dogs.
When I grow up I want to: Be an escape artist now and forever! I love squeezing through our fence!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - LucyBelle July 2016
Name: LucyBelle (4 months)
Likes: I love running around with my glitter balls, taking naps with mom, and car rides!
Dislikes: I cannot stand it when anyone is on their cell phone and not giving me lots of love! Not to mention when mom and dad scoop my litter box, it just infuriates me! Finally, when mom and dad are cooking, they won't let me be on the counter!
When I grow up I want to: Be a cat lawyer and fight all injustices against cats and kittens everywhere! Specifically, I would fight for cats rights to climb humans, to be on the counter, and to play with noisy toys whenever we want, especially in the middle of the night!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Stella June 2016
Name: Stella (8 months)
Likes: Chasing friends at the dog park, stalking birds, pulling the stuffing out of my dog bed.
Dislikes: Forced cuddles, random hallway noises, heights.
When I grow up I want to: Professional Gopher Hunter/Yard Patroller OR an Ornithologist.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Algernon May 2016
Name: Algernon (9 months)
Likes: My sister, Fumee, sitting in someone's lap, and a saucer of milk.
Dislikes: Having a bath, getting squirted by the water bottle when I get on the counter, and having my belly rubbed.
When I grow up I want to: Be Eddie the Eagle! I want to overcome my development delays brought on by being an abandoned kitten and soar! But not on a ski mountain, just from the ottoman to the couch.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Poki April 2016
Name: Poki (8 months)
Likes: My food, my humans Brady and Natalie, and my best friend Nibbler! He's a Boston Terrier and my BFF since I was 8 weeks old.
Dislikes: Hair dryers, weird noises, and really big dogs that boss me around.
When I grow up I want to: Be a happy dog, and hang out with all of my friends, furry and human!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Eloise March 2016
Name: Eloise (7 months)
Likes: I LOVE when my parents make the bed so I can burrow under the sheets and blankets. I also love my grey cat sister, Mona. We love to wrestle and chase each other all through the house. Third is mess with my brother the Betta fish, Lunch. He lives by himself in a tank of water small enough for me to hug.
Dislikes: When the garbage truck comes! It is so loud but I take shelter under the coffee table until it goes away. I also do not like it when my parents sleep in because I miss them I walk on their faces. And lastly, the doctors at Kenwood Pet Clinic take care of me, but the drive over makes me scream. Literally.
When I grow up I want to: Be a dog. I always greet my parents at the door, I am working on my fetching skills, and I flop down anywhere just to get belly rubs.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Emmett February 2016
Name: Emmett (7 months)
Likes: 1) TREATS...and chewy thingy's and did I say treats? 2) Torturing the three kitty beasts that I live with. I really love to chase all three off the couch. More attention for me!!! 3) Chewing daddy Paul's tax documents. Cardboard is pretty great too!
Dislikes: 1) I DON'T LIKE BEING BRUSHED. Dad says this is the life of a Pomeranian. Am I a Pomeranian? 2) The kitty beast retaliation. They gang up and bop me on the head. They are mean and scary! 3) Going potty in the rain...It always means more brushing!
When I grow up I want to: A Great Dane! I will eat that brush and show the kitty beasts who really is in charge around here!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Millee January 2016
Name: Millee (3 months)
Likes: Wrestling my stuffed penguin, running laps around the apartment, and snuggling wrapped on my parents' necks.
Dislikes: When my sister doesn't want to play with me, when my family isn't home, and when I get caught eating the dog's food.
When I grow up I want to: Be a rock climber just like my parents.
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