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Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Ursula December 2017
Name: Ursula (19 weeks)
Likes: I love to scavenge for crumbs in the kitchen, chew on my toys, play with my best friend Fitz the Labradoodle, coax pets from strangers (or as I think of them, new friends), but most of all, I love to cuddle with my mom and dad on the couch.
Dislikes: I don't have many dislikes. I'm not a big fan of baths or getting my nails trimmed, but I will always roll with it for mom and dad.
When I grow up I want to: Ideally, I think I'd like to be a food critic so that I could get lots of free food. Although it would be tough to get a bad review out of me. Failing that, I think professional squirrel wrangler would be my next choice.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Nami November 2017
Name: Nami (9 weeks)
Likes: I love to sleep in a nice warm lap in my spare time.
Dislikes: I have a bad case of FOMO and hate being on the other side of a closed door.
When I grow up I want to: I want to be a ferocious tiger when I grow up.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Lola October 2017
Name: Lola (15 weeks)
Likes: I have a lot of fun in my spare time...I'm quite the social butterfly. I enjoy the dog park the most, running around chasing and wrestling with anyone and everyone big or small. Also, chewing on my favorite bone while sitting in between my mom and dad, or just sitting outside waiting to greet everyone who walks by.
Dislikes: I hate when my mom or dad has to leave (they are my best friends!), and when my mom and dad wake me up from my beauty rest.
When I grow up I want to: Be the queen of the dog park with as many friends as possible. And of course the main protector of my mom and dad :)
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Luna September 2017
Name: Luna (18 weeks)
Likes: Long car rides and playing outside.
Dislikes: Squirrels...and it's mutual.
When I grow up I want to: Be the cool cat that dog lovers will like.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Lucy August 2017
Name: Lucy (3 months)
Likes: I like to greet as many people as possible every day and to be silly. I also enjoy wrestling for toys with my big brother Riley, snuggling and snoozing with my big brother Oscar, and spending as much time as possible with my human sisters.
Dislikes: What's not to like? Life is awesome! But if I had to pick something, it would be spending time alone in my crate: I mean, why ever be apart when we could always be together?!
When I grow up I want to: The first female President, so I could meet and help lots of people and be in charge as a leader. My Mom says I need to be older for that, so in the meantime, I hope to become a therapy dog like my big brother, Oscar.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Joey July 2017
Name: Joey (18 weeks)
Likes: I like to drink water out of the faucet and sunbathe by windows, but my most favorite thing to do is sit by the freezer and wait for my parents to drop ice cubes so I can play.
Dislikes: I get a little scared during car rides. I meow a whole bunch, but as long as I can see out the window, it's not so bad.
When I grow up I want to: Be a professional eater. Even though my mom doesn't let me, I try feasting on things like her hair and toilet paper. I even tried eating a nail once!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Odie June 2017
Name: Odie (6 months)
Likes: Giving kisses, "Little Lamie", and all living creatures big and small.
Dislikes: Peanut butter, garbage trucks, and motorcycles
When I grow up I want to: Volunteer at children's hospitals and nursing homes so I can lift people's spirits, and make them smile.
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Mr Feeny May 2017
Name: Mr Feeny (8 months)
Likes: Playing with my brother, Rudy the pig's, tail, chasing after the sound of wet food being opened, and falling asleep on my moms face.
Dislikes: Getting my temperature taken, not being able to jump up on the bed and snuggle my brother because my good leg isn't quite strong enough yet, but don't worry! It will get there! And wearing my cone of shame while my stub heals!
When I grow up I want to: Be my moms personal launderer so I can lay in her clean clothes baskets all day and not get in trouble!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Mac April 2017
Name: Mac (5 months)
Likes: Sticks, the dog park, and squeaky toys.
Dislikes: Slippery floors, when the ball rolls under the couch, and when I have to go to my kennel.
When I grow up I want to: Everyone's favorite dog!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Teddy March 2017
Name: Teddy Sawyer (4 months)
Likes: I love to sleep (especially on Alyssa's lap), and attacking feet and your hair unexpectedly when you bend over to pick something up! I also love playing with my toys!
Dislikes: I really dislike getting squirted by the water bottle. I don't like that Im not allowed to drink water out of the fish bowl! And I am not too fond of the vacuum cleaner.
When I grow up I want to: When I grow up I either want to be a hairstylist as I LOVE hair or I want to be an official bed tester (I am so good at finding comfort and sleeping).
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Happiness! February 2017
Name: Happiness! (5 months)
Likes: 1) Annoying My Older Bro "Little Luigi" 2) Bananas!!! 3) Bringing Twigs, Branches, Leaves, Mud Pies & All Of Nature INTO The House.
Dislikes: 1) ???...What's Not To Like...I LOVE IT ALL!!! I believe in the LOA & The Power Of Positivity...Everything IS Oh! So! F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!!!
When I grow up I want to: Oh! Pppllleeeaaassseee, I'm Not Interested In Growing UP...I'll Always Be HAPPY! And Young At Heart!
Kenwood's Pet Of The Month - Hermes January 2017
Name: Hermes (3 months)
Likes: Eating sardines, snuggling with my family, and playing with cat toys - especially mice.
Dislikes: Being taunted by the fat squirrels I see out the window, rolling off of the bed, and not getting enough attention.
When I grow up I want to: Aspire to be as cool as Tacy, my older sister cat.
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