Surgical Pet Services

We provide a full suite of surgical services for your pet. We know that there can be uneasy feelings about your pet going under anesthesia, but we take pride in the care that we provide and we tailor the latest in anesthetic monitoring, surgical techniques and pain management to each patient. We strive to keep you and your pet comfortable and will address any specific concerns you may have.

Pre-surgical bloodwork is required for all sick patients and all patients over five years old. It is strongly recommended for all other patients. Our routine pre-surgical bloodwork includes tests for anemia, kidney and liver disease, protein levels and sugar levels. Laboratory abnormalities will be addressed before the procedure and other tests may be recommended.

We offer nearly every surgery necessary for your pet and if needed, we can have a board certified surgeon come to our clinic to perform services we don't offer. Our surgical and dental services include:

Soft-Tissue Surgeries

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