Tightrope CCL

Tightrope CCL is one of the newest available options to treat dogs that have injured their cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). Two holes are drilled in the dog's knee: one in the femur and one in the tibia. A heavy tape that acts as a synthetic ligament is attached directly to the two bones, in order to stabilize the dog's stifle, or knee joint. Since this tape is attached directly to the bone instead of passing behind it, it is unlikely to loosen over time. The tape is also thought to be able to provide more weight-bearing capacity than sutures.

When performing this type of knee surgery in dogs, we are able to drill the holes in a way that the synthetic ligament will perform the function of the canine cruciate ligament, ensuring a more complete recovery for your dog. In addition, Tightrope CCL usually provides a faster recovery than many other types of knee surgery available. It is not recommended for very small dogs, due to the size of their bones, but is ideal for many larger dogs, as well as active breeds.

We have performed this surgery many times with excellent results, and have found that it has fewer complications than some other types of knee surgery in dogs. Please call us to discuss your dog's knee surgery options and whether this procedure is the best option for your pet, as each dog is unique.

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