The Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) procedure is a highly successful operation that comes out of many years of research by veterinary surgeons. This form of dog knee surgery involves cutting and rotating the tibial plateau, which is the top part of the tibia bone, causing the slope to change very slightly. This reduces the instability caused by the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury and gives your dog the ability to enjoy a higher level of activity than without having surgery.

When performing TPLO surgery, our veterinarians take into account the fact that dogs' knees are very different than human knees, and work with the specific structure and bio-mechanics of the canine knee in order to provide the dog with the ability to weight-bear without further pain or injury. Each dog is unique, so we carefully measure the slope of your dog's tibia before surgery, calculating the rotation that will be required for the best possible outcome.

Kenwood Pet Clinic enlists the services of a board certified surgeon to perform this surgery in our facility. The TPLO surgery has a high success rate for TPLO surgery, and your dog will be able to enjoy an active lifestyle after this procedure. In addition, animals that have corrective surgery for a CCL injury are less likely to develop arthritis. Of course, we will discuss all possible options with you in order to make sure that this operation is the best for your particular dog, as well as how to care for your dog after surgery to promote maximum healing in the shortest amount of time.

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